VIP Rewards

♡ Welcome to Poet & Deer VIP Rewards ♡

We have created an exclusive reward system for our loyal customers, this is just our way of giving back when we can. 

 ♡ How do I sign up? 

Its so simple to sign up and it costs nothing! When you enter our homepage there is a present icon on the bottom right hand of the screen.  On desktop it will say rewards, but on a mobile on the present icon will show.

after clicking this , our rewards system should pop up on your screen like below

Enter your details and its as easy as that!

 ♡ What does it do? 

Our system allows you to earn up points with every purchase. 1 point for every £1 spent . You can also earn points in many other ways such as liking us on Instagram etc. 

As you build up more and more points you can choose if you want to use them on the first milestone e.g. 250 points is 10% off OR you can continue to save them for higher tier deals.


 ♡ Bonus feature 

You will also be given a unique referral code to share with friends and family! When you send this link to someone & they sign up and purchase their first item, you will both be rewarded £3. How amazing is that?

 Don't forget to join our ♡ Poet & Deer VIP group ♡ on Facebook here. An amazing community of like minded mothers also sharing Poet & Deer outfits, general chit chat and advise. Watch out for plenty of behind the scenes and sneak peaks also. Join now