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Poet & Deer sells baby and children's clothing (and adults from time to time) All pieces are designed and developed by Founder Laura and produced in Pakistan with high quality fabrics, as we work alongside a small family run production team, it means we can pay great attention to detail to all products and adjust as we like, It was important to us to be the only children's clothing brand to be produced by our team so that we can always have that time for perfection and passion when our pieces are made.

 Laura quickly noticed a gap in the market for both modern and comfortable children's clothing after the birth of her first little girl. With much time at home due to the COVID pandemic whilst on maternity leave; Poet & Deer was proudly launched in June 2020 to beat the idea of trendy children's being produced in uncomfortable, low quality fabrics. or " unisex " pieces being produced in dull stereotypical colours such as grey & white.

We are all about  beautiful tones and colours, soft and cosy fabrics and pieces being designed with longevity in mind, throughout all seasons, loved time and time again.

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